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Because sometimes you just want to learn more! Here are some links to some great educational resources that helped me along my journey. I’ve listed them from “beginner” to more “advanced”.  

Beginner Learning Tools

Visit EWG’s Skin Deep® website to help select non-toxic products for you and your family.

Visit the Environmental Working Group’s 2020 Shopper’s Guide to Produce by clicking below. You can view the clean fifteen, which has the produce that you can buy non-organic, and then the dirty dozen, which are the dirtiest produce with the most pesticides, so you’d want to buy those organic to avoid the toxic chemicals.

Free HIIT Workout App


Podcasts (more coming soon!)

Wellness Mama Episode #54 Baby Steps for Eating Real Food

Wellness Mama Episode #55 Real Food Shopping Tips and Tricks

Wellness Mama Episode #133 GMOs, Glyphosate, Organic Food & What’s Making our Children Sick

Wellness Mama Episode #160 What the Heck Should I Actually Eat? With Dr. Mark Hyman

Wellness Mama Episode #198 How to Be Green Enough & Avoid the Worst Offenders in Your home with Leah Segedie

Wellness Mama Episode #266 Decoding Skin Health, Eczema, Acne, and more with Jennifer Fugo

Wellness Mama Episode #304 Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer on Movement, Gratitude and Play

Advanced Learning Tools


Wellness Mama Episode #51 Understanding the Microbiome

Wellness Mama Episode #65 Safe Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Use with Retha Nesmith

Wellness Mama Episode #80 What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals about your hormones with Alisa Vitti

Wellness Mama Episode #89 Why Sleep is More Important than Diet and Exercise Combined with Shawn Stevenson

Wellness Mama Episode #73 The Truth about EMFs, Wifi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid them)

Wellness Mama Episode #92 A holistic pediatrician talks ear infections, fevers & more

Wellness Mama Episode #135 Understanding Genetic Testing, Epigenetics & Genetic Polymorphisms with Dr. Ben Lynch